Cooley Bridge Craftworks LLC

Michael M Daigle


Cooley Bridge Craftworks LLC

Cooley Bridge Craftworks’ namesake is a covered bridge built in 1849 that abuts part of my wife’s and my property. The shop was started in July of 2018 with the intent of creating artistic, hand crafted wood products.

Though the shop is in its early days, I have already been able to be a part of some very cool projects, some before I started the company and a few since. Looking to the future I hope to create art pieces and home furniture, as well as other household items such as kitchen island tops, cutting boards, charcuterie boards, and drink coasters to name a few.

Every project that comes out of the Cooley Bridge Craftworks shop is entirely hand made. I enjoy using different wood species, joinery, and in-lays to make each project unique. Custom projects are welcome, drop me a line!

The Green Mountains

My wife Elizabeth and I are very lucky to have been born and raised in central Vermont. Our home was built in 1890 as a small farmhouse and is quintessentially Vermont. The cycle of the seasons allows endless opportunities for recreation and inspiration. All that's needed for muse is a look out the window of the shop, or a walk on Pittsford Trails with our four shop dogs Daisy, Bella, Weezy, and Ruby!