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FREE to lower 48 states!


0 - 10 LBS $60

10 - 20 LBS $100

20 - 30 LBS $250

30 - 50 LBS $325

Free Local Pick up and DISCOUNT!

Not only FREE, but locals who pick up can also receive a discount!. MAKE SURE to send a message on the contact page BEFORE your purchase! If you are not a Vermont resident, don't worry, you can also receive a discount by picking up if you're in the area!

3 Day 

0.01 - 5.0 LBS $30

5.01 - 10 LBS $45

10.01 - 20 LBS $60

3 Day shipping is not available to AL or HI unless arranged prior to purchase. Please use the contact page for further info.


Order Cancellations

Order cancellations prior to shipment will automatically issue a full refund to the account used at checkout. Once a shipment confirmation e-mail has been sent, the order cannot be cancelled.

Item Variation Disclaimer

Please read this disclaimer carefully. By purchasing hand made, natural wood products, you signify your acceptance of this disclaimer. If you do not agree with any part of this disclaimer, do not purchase any products from this site.

Real wood is a product of nature. Therefore, variations in color, pattern, texture and grain must be accepted. These differences and variations in wood should be considered as the beauty of wood instead of flaws.

The hand made products sold on this site each have their own nuances in alignment and grain orientation. Purchasing an item or items from Cooley Bridge Craftworks LLC is accepting any and all variations in color, grain structure, and/or alignment.

All items are sold with finish applied, Cooley Bridge Craftworks LLC is not responsible for the results of any lack of maintenance on the product or products once delivered to the buyer.